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The United States Army Civilian Affairs personal will be in Lake Waccamaw from July 22nd-July 26th.  They will be all over town to examine and assess the the town’s emergency management procedures.


The storm damage debris pickup has ended as of January 8th, 2018.  All dock wood and construction debris will be the homeowners responsibility from this point.  The town will continue to tidy up the roadsides but will not remove large debris. The trash and recycling will be on the regular schedule.  Please help keep Lake Waccamaw clean and beautiful.  


In order to keep our citizens informed of public notifications, we are offering an automated calling system that will alert participants by phone, text or email.  This system will be utilized for emergency alerts as well as events that may be of importance to all.  By submitting the form below you will be placed on the call list immediately.  We hope this will benefit the citizens and guest of Lake Waccamaw.

On what would have been his 100 Birthday, John A. McNeill was honored with the naming of the The Bohemian Girl Scenic Bridge. (Named after Sam Potts’ tour boat on Lake Waccamaw in 1905)

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The Town of Lake Waccamaw is….

a small southern community located on the shores of the largest natural fresh water lake in North Carolina.

The Town

Established 1911.

The Town

Area – 3.5 square miles
Country United States
State North Carolina
County Columbus
Elevation 59 ft (18 m)

The People

Friendly and Warm

The People

Population – 1484
Males: 700 (47.2%)
Females: 784 (52.8%)
Median resident age: 50.4 years

The Lake

A Natural Prehistoric Lake

The Lake

Lake Waccamaw, located in southeastern North Carolina. There is fourteen miles of shoreline and covers nine thousand acres.

The Wildlife

Abundant Wildlife


The Lake wildlife has Fish, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and more!

A traveler in 1733, upon seeing Lake Waccamaw, stated ,  “This is the pleasantest place that I ever saw in my life”.


Elizabeth Brinkley Park Master Plan

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